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The Wolford College mission statement outlines the overall direction that Wolford College and its administration will be moving in the years to come. The mission statements fundamental intent is to combine academic excellence with an unprecedented commitment to innovation, quality, and service. It also responds to the needs of the student body and prepares the College for future challenges.

Institutional Mission

Wolford College, an institution of higher education with programs offering masters and doctoral degrees in Nurse Anesthesia, is dedicated to creating and maintaining an institutional environment where student success is our priority. This is accomplished through all college personnel striving toward enhancing student learning, focusing on student career goals, and promoting high educational and ethical expectations of all our students.

Program Mission

Wolford College provides access to learning and excellence in nurse anesthesia education at the masters’ and doctoral levels.


Wolford College aspires to be a national leader in Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist education by promoting transformation of lives through a high quality educational approach that is innovative, rigorous, and collaborative.


  • Vigilance
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership
  • Unity
  • Ethical
  • Strength


  • To foster a collaborative learning environment where all students have an opportunity to master course content and accomplish course objectives.
  • To develop competent graduates who are able to successfully work in their field.
  • To assist students in achieving their educational goals by making available quality student and education support services.
  • To maintain efficient and effective administrative services to support the institution’s instructional and educational needs.