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The Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program (DNAP) is the terminal degree for CRNA’s in clinical practice.The post-Master’s DNAP program consists of 36 credit hours in 24 months. This program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs and is offered entirely on-line using the Moodle platform.

The objective of the post-Master’s DNAP program is to prepare qualified Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists as expert clinicians who utilize leadership, research, and information technology to promote the highest quality of anesthesia care. Post-Master’s DNAP students are experienced CRNAs who desire to earn the terminal degree while continuing to pursue their professional careers as anesthesia providers.

Capstone Project

The final project (Capstone Project) is intended to be an intensive, active learning project, requiring significant effort in the planning and implementation, as well as preparation of a substantial final written work product. The Capstone project will focus on assessment, synthesis and in-depth analysis of a clinical problem or topic pertinent to anesthesia care and/or patient outcomes to be presented as a scholarly work. The Capstone project can be designed as a research, quality assurance, or extensive project that will benefit the practice of anesthesia. All students are expected to submit their Capstone project to an appropriate journal for publication.