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How does the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia (DNAP) degree differ from a PhD?

Doctoral programs fall into two categories: practice-focused / professional degrees and research-focused degrees. The two types of doctoral degrees are alternative approaches to the highest level of educational preparation in a field.

The DNAP is a practice-focused doctoral degree. Practice-focused degrees prepare experts for specialized roles within the discipline of nurse anesthesia. Coursework focuses on developing the CRNA’s knowledge in areas of advanced pathophysiology, physiology and pharmacology to apply to clinical practice. Other pertinent areas of coursework prepare the CRNA as a clinical leader, and educator who can identify issues through quality assurance principles, apply scientific findings, and develop practices that are evidence based. The DNAP culminates in a “Capstone Project” that pertains to the individual’s area of interest. Graduates are prepared to accept positions as expert clinicians, as well as instructors in academic and clinical settings.

Research-focused degrees such as the PhD prepare graduate to develop programs of research that advance the knowledge and science of a discipline. PhD programs require extensive coursework in theory, research methodology, and statistics. The PhD culminates in an original research project. Graduates are prepared to accept academic or governmental positions where research is a major expectation.

How often will I have to be on-campus?

Wolford College post Master’s DNAP is offered entirely on-line. Interviews will also be conducted either in person or via telephone. Attendance at graduation is recommended but not mandatory.

What is the time commitment for the post Master’s DNAP?

The curriculum is structured so that there are 6 credits (two classes) each semester. It is expected that the student will spend 3 hours on-line with each course plus 10-15 hours per course per week studying, responding to discussions and/or completing assignments.

Who are the faculty?

Wolford College post-Master’s DNAP faculty are clinicians, practitioners, teachers and researchers with a wide range of backgrounds in anesthesia and nursing to provide an enriched and in-depth curriculum for the post-Master’s CRNA. The faculty include CRNAs and RNs, all who have earned a doctorate in their specialty field of study.

What kind of research project is required?

The Capstone Project is a focused assessment, synthesis and in-depth analysis of a clinical problem or topic pertinent to anesthesia care and/or patient outcomes to be presented as a scholarly work. The Capstone Project culminates in a comprehensive written paper appropriate for publishing. The Capstone Project process begins in the 4th semester and ends in the 6th giving the student an entire year to complete the capstone.

What is the tuition cost?

The tuition costs are posted in the Wolford College Catalog as well as linked on the Wolford College website and are subject to change. Books may be purchased by the students from the website/source of their choice.

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