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Wolford College is committed to utilizing technology in delivery of courses and resources available to students. An information technology team is employed by Wolford College in order to provide technology-based support and develop effective uses for technology to facilitate the college’s mission.

A laptop or tablet is necessary for the successful completion of the program. This is required to complete written assignments and to obtain critical information from the internet.

Through our educational program with Office365, students can download the latest version of Microsoft Office for free.

After orientation, students will receive an ID card and security access sticker. The ID card can be used to receive discounts on computer applications and/or hardware.

Feel free to email helpdesk@wolford.edu with technology related questions.


The Information Technology Team manages and maintains the following resources:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • Security cameras
  • College websites
  • Classroom and library technology
  • Printers

Privately Owned Machines

As a courtesy, support for personally owned computers is provided, however may be limited to basic support. This basic support includes:

  • Connection to Wolford College wireless internet
  • Moodle and Wolford College web resources
  • Basic troubleshooting for software and anti-virus assistance


IT Specialist Office
Megan Levitt Suite 2 – East side of classroom
Rich Gorga Suite 3 – Second floor of simulation lab


Current students can log into the Wolford College Portal and access the helpdesk page with more IT resources, news, tutorials, and tips.